ECO-7 Front/Rear - NS Wash System

ECO-7 Front-to-Rear or Top Brush, a seven-brush system, redefines the vehicle cleaning industry with many patented innovations, from the super soft polishing action of our patented Lammscloth brush material, to the aluminum construction, Super-flex couplings, single hung Wrap-A-Round brushes as well as its many additions contributing to a wash that is unmatched in the industry.


  • Two pairs of flex Wrap-A-Round brushes with four ½ HP electric motor assemblies.
  • One oscillating Front-to-Rear mitter curtain brush with 1 HP electric motor assembly.
  • One pair of rocker panel brushes with two ½ HP motor assemblies.
  • PVC Piping with nozzles, DEMA & solenoid valve.  For conveyor tunnel wash, use two foamers in place of DEMA & solenoid.
  • Motor Control Panel (UL Approved) – mounted on frame.
  • Driver side utility connection.
  • Polished aluminum framework, 96” clearance.

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