Norco 82301D

Vendor Norco

1 Ton Capacity Wheel Dolly

Intended use: 

For the removal and installation of single, tandem and duplex tires and wheels. Swivel front wheels.


  • Swivel caster wheels both fore and aft provide side to side maneuverability.
  • 4" wheels with polyurethane tread protect floor.
  • Lift arms can be adjusted in closer to handle the more common dual wheel combinations and then adjusted outward to handle the larger combinations.
  • Lift arms with ball bearing rollers easily rotate vehicle rim for bolt pattern alignment.
  • Lift arms supported at both ends minimize wheel movement.
  • Adjustable height push bar provides unobstructed access to hub area.
  • 3-1/4” travel adjustment on rear caster wheel matches lifting arms with spindle angle.
  • Safety chain included to secure wheel assembly to dolly during removal and transport.

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